New protocols

At Griff House we always aim to provide our guests with a warm welcome and a comfortable stay. We are publishing our Covid-19 Protocols so that you know what to expect but please feel free to talk to us – albeit socially distanced! 

Martin Gilson

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  1. When we confirm your booking or shortly before arrival date, we will:
    1. Provide a link to our protocols;
    2. Ask that you provide a specific time of arrival;
    3. Provide a pre-arrival registration document for completion and return;
    4. Explain how we are obliged to respond to guests showing symptoms of Covid-19 prior to or after arrival at Griff House (see main points 4. and 5. below);
    5. Ask that you provide your room housekeeping requirements;
    6. Ask for your breakfast preference – dining room (including timing preference) or in room; and
    7. Ask if you are likely to want packed lunches during your stay.
  2. We have up-to-date information about local facilities and attractions including restaurants – please visit the Top 5 Things To Do page or ask for further details. 
  3. Please advise if you have any special requirements that could affect your stay.
  4. If any guest experiences new Covid-19 symptoms up to 14 days prior to arrival, they must inform the owners; guests will be refused admission and the booking must be cancelled or postponed unless evidence is provided of a negative test.
  5. If any guest experiences new Covid-19 symptoms during a stay, they must inform the owners; guests will be expected to vacate their room and return home to self-isolate unless evidence is provided of a negative test.


  1. You should arrive as near to the pre-arranged time as possible or contact us to advise of an alternative time on the day of arrival.
  2. Hand sanitiser will be available on the hall table.
  3. We will wear a face mask to open the front door.
  4. We will direct you to your room and follow you to the room door at an appropriate social distance.
  5. We can carry your luggage to your room if you would like us to.
  6. Your room door will be on the latch to enable you to push the door open hands-free to enter.
  7. We will remain at the door and explain the room facilities and answer any queries.
  8. Your bathroom door will have been left open to enable you to wash your hands with minimal contact on surfaces.
  9. The keys for the room and front door will have been sanitised and left on the dressing table.
  10. The Griff House WIFI Code is: WYNBVWNTWN
  11. If not completed in advance, the registration form will be left on the dressing table to be signed and left in room.


Room servicing

  1. Rooms will have been cleaned rigorously, before each stay, in accordance with relevant guidance.
  2. Daily room servicing will take place unless you have requested otherwise.
  3. Daily cleaning will be undertaken, paying particular attention to frequently touched surfaces.
  4. Towels will be replaced only if placed in bath/shower.
  5. Bed linen will normally only be replaced for stays of over 4 days. Please advise if you would like linen to be changed more frequently.

Breakfast – In Room Service

We offer a limited menu for room service for those guests who feel uncomfortable using our dining room.

  1. In room breakfast can be served between 8 and 9.30am.
  2. The In-Room Breakfast Menu is available to view here.
  3. Breakfast should be pre-ordered by 5pm the previous evening either by text, email, paper form or verbally. Please provide a time together with full details of your order i.e. including requirements for cereals, fresh fruit salad, marmalade, jams and sauces.
  4. At a pre-arranged time in the evening, a tray of cold items will be brought to your room – food such as cereals and milk, together with cutlery, crockery, glasses, condiments (including jams and sauces) and napkins.
  5. At the pre-arranged time in the morning, your order of fresh food will be brought to your room i.e. fresh fruit salad, juices, hot sausage/bacon rolls, pastries, toast etc.
  6. We will place the tray on a stand outside your bedroom door, knock and wait for an answer. You will remove the tray from the stand and take it into your room. All trays will remain in the room for collection at room servicing or an agreed time
  7. If you are happy to keep your napkin for breakfast the following day, please replace it in the napkin ring provided.

Breakfast – Dining Room service

  1. The Griff House dining room accommodates five tables each seating two people. Breakfast is served between 8 and 9am.
  2. You will be asked the day before for your preferred breakfast time, we can advise guests when the dining room is likely to be quieter during their stay.
  3. The dining room breakfast menu is available to view here
  4. Cooked breakfast should be pre-ordered by 10pm the previous evening either by text, email, paper form or verbally.
  5. We will wear a face mask when entering the dining room.
  6. Fresh hot food and drinks will be brought to your table, together with fresh toast. Some items will also be available on the the dining room buffet.

Packed lunches

  1. Packed lunches can be purchased by prior arrangement; 48 hours’ notice will normally be required.
  2. Each packed lunch will contain: 2 filled rolls, crisps, fresh fruit, cake, carton of juice and a bottle of Buxton water.
  3. Each packed lunch will be £8.
  4. We have a limited supply of small hand sanitiser bottles which can be purchased at a cost of £1.50 each.
  5. Packed lunches will be available by 10am for collection or by room delivery as agreed.

During your stay

  1. Breakfasts will be served either in the room (with a limited menu) or in the dining room.
  2. The dining room can be used by prior arrangement and on a limited basis for takeaway food.
  3. Hot takeaway food is not permitted in guest bedrooms.
  4. By prior arrangement cutlery, crockery, glasses, condiments and napkins can be provided in the room for cold food.
  5. Information booklets have now been restored to the rooms; the text can be supplied on request. We have up-to-date information about local facilities and attractions including restaurants – please ask for further details.  Details of various websites are included on our Top Five Things To Do page.
  6. Regular additional cleaning of communal areas will be undertaken, particularly high touch surfaces such as handrails.
  7. The sitting room is not currently available for use of guests.
  8. Guests are requested to follow guidelines on handwashing and wearing of facial coverings in communal areas. Please note that the UK Government now mandates the wearing of face coverings in hotel and B&B receptions, corridors and stairs.
  9. If any guest becomes symptomatic during their stay, they must immediately vacate Griff House and return home if possible unless evidence is provided of a negative test. Any refunds will be considered on an individual basis during the pandemic. 


  1. Please arrange a departure time with us including assistance with luggage, if required.
  2. We can email your bill to you the night before departure. The bill will contain our banking details.
  3. Alternatively, the balance can be paid by card on departure, in a socially distanced manner.
  4. You are requested to make payment by non-contact methods if possible.
  5. Please leave the key in the room door and the door on the latch.