Our Environmental Statement

We aim to run Griff House in a way that has minimal effect on the environment whilst retaining comfort and service for our guests.

We have therefore adopted the following practices:

    • Policy to use local suppliers wherever possible; information is provided about suppliers on the breakfast menu and on the website
    • Muesli and granola are made on the premises. Ingredients are bulk purchased from an ethical wholesaler to minimise waste and are largely organic or locally produced
    • Jams and preserves are homemade or locally sourced. Glass jars are re-used
    • Fair-trade tea, coffee and hot chocolate are used; locally roasted coffee is served at breakfast
    • Orange juice is produced in Derbyshire and delivered to Griff House in former glass 1 pint milk bottles, which are rinsed, returned and reused, dramatically reducing our use of Tetra Pak cartons
    • Refillable glass bottles of tap water are provided in the guest rooms, avoiding the need for single use plastic bottles 
    • Large bottles of refillable soap and shower gel are used to avoid waste
    • Use refillable containers for bathroom consumables including paper stem cotton buds and cotton wool balls
    • Large jar sewing kits are provided to encourage use only when required
    • Use of small, low wattage kettles on hospitality trays
    • Separate mini-bin for tea bags and other wet waste is provided in each bedroom to facilitate reuse of bin liners and maximise recycling of other waste
    • Policy asks guests to consider how often they require fresh towels
    • An on-going programme to replace the bulbs in all lighting fixtures with low energy types
    • Thermostatic radiator valves are fitted on all radiators
    • Double glazing and insulation reduce heat loss
    • Dual flush toilets reduce water consumption
    • ‘A’ rated electrical appliances replace older versions where possible
    • A high efficiency gas boiler has been installed
    • Washing is line dried whenever the weather permits
    • Minimal use of cleaning products containing harmful chemicals including the use of e-cloths and using a vinegar/bicarbonate solution for descaling
    • Purchasing a growing number of recycled products e.g. stationery from recycled paper, refilled printer cartridges
    • Bottles, cans, plastic, cartons and paper are recycled (using collection point and the local council’s doorstep collection)
    • Inkjet printer cartridges and batteries are recycled
    • All food and green waste is recycled / composted
    • Consider recycling in a variety of different ways, including using Freegle, making donations of bedding and furniture to local charities when new is required, reusing scrap paper to take breakfast orders and make shopping lists
    • Breakfast place mats are made in the UK from recycled paper – but you wouldn’t think so!
    • Paper invoices / receipts are provided upon request, not by default
    • Website provides guests with information about arriving by public transport. It also gives guests ‘No Car’ options for things to do during their stay
    • Provide details of local walks, cycle routes and local places of interest
    • Provide storage for boots and hanging space for outdoor coats
    • Provide lockable cycle storage
    • The property is no-smoking throughout
    • We have been members of the National Trust since 1999 and support the Woodland Trust, Chatsworth House and Buxton Opera House

Our Laundry Policy:

  • We change towels and bed linen for each new guest. If you would like your towels changed during your stay just place them in the shower tray or bath.
  • We have amended our policy to change towels and bed linen every four days (instead of three) for longer stays. In recognition of this, we will donate £3 to charity for each four night room booking.
  • If you are staying more than four nights and ask to keep your towels and bed linen for the duration of your stay, we will make a £5 charitable donation.
  • Guests are also invited to re-use their linen napkins. We monitor the reduced use of our washing machine and donate £3 for each saved washing cycle.
  • Our chosen charity is Frank Water, a small organisation which funds sustainable clean water projects in developing countries.
  • We will periodically update the News page of our website with details of our donations.

We encourage guests to help by:

  • turning lights off when leaving the premises
  • turning the TV off at the set (avoid using standby mode)
  • adjusting radiator valves to suit (avoid having the heating on and windows open)
  • leaving recyclable waste, such as newspapers, glass & plastic bottles and cartons to the side of the main rubbish bin
  • using the mini-bin for teabags and other wet waste so that the bin liners do not have to be changed
  • using bags and bins provided for sanitary waste
  • supporting our laundry policy
  • supporting local businesses
  • letting us know what you like and how we can improve

Last updated: 29 February 2020